Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) Triennial report

by Elenita Bales
NFC Family Member

These are some of the highlights of the FWCC Triennial for me:
  • Meeting and sharing with Quaker brothers and sisters from around the world: What a wonderful blessing to meet in Dublin, Ireland, with 308 Quakers from 52 countries who represented all branches of Quakerism. I visited with many and was thankful for the openness and freedom to share our spiritual experience with each other. We visited around our dining tables, in the halls, during our "tea breaks," and in after-hour sessions. Two of my roommates, one from Kenya and the other from Jamaica, helped me see my faith through another culture and I was moved by their experiences.

  • Experiencing the warm, loving hospitality and careful planning of our Irish Friends: Even though some of my NWYM friends had told me I'd "love the Irish Friends," I was delighted with their genuine, gracious friendliness and good humor. Their young people were also friendly and helpful in getting us settled and "care-taking" throughout the week.

  • The worship sessionsincluding courses by powerpoint templates "with the consent to do business," as our clerk, Duduzile Mtshazo, opened each business session. Her warm spiritual sensitivity and discernment added much to the responses and considerations of the items for business.

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    September 28th edition of Your NFC.


    Sunday's sermon will be based on these scriptures:

    Sept 30 -- Acts 6:26-40

    Oct 7 -- James 1:19-25


    Oct 2 Divorce Recovery
    7 - 9 p.m. | Barclay C
    Oct 5 K2 Fun Night
    6 - 8 p.m.
    Oct 7 Healing Prayer Gathering
    6 p.m. | Sanctuary
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